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Google Apps Scripts is scripting language designed for cloud scripting and is based on javaScript. As such, it is perfect for developing light-weight, cloud-based applications using Google Apps.

All session resources can be found here.

  • Contact Me - the Contact Us Form Mailer script in action


Creating a Check for Understanding form
  1. Create the form in your Google Drive
  2. Choose a response destination
  3. Open the response destination sheet
  4. Install the Contact Us Form Mailer script
  5. Configure the script (just a little geeky stuff)
    • recipient email address
    • email subject
  6. Test the form / script
  7. Distribute the form
    • email to students
    • post on class website

Adding a form "time-out"

Configure a time restriction on the form using FormLimiter
  1. Open the Check for Understanding response destination sheet
  2. Install the FormLimiter script
  3. Configure the script
  4. Distribute the form and watch it go "inactive" per your settings
Getting a bit more geeky

Outdoor Ed Senior Servant Application process
  1. Student completes online Google application form
  2. Upon submission...
    • Student receives email copy of their application
    • Google doc is created of the student's application
    • Principal is notified via email that a Senior Servant Application has been submitted; included in the email is a link to the Google doc that was created
    • Teachers listed as "Teacher References" receive a Reference Request email from the principal
The scripts used for this process included the Contact Us Form Mailer and autoCrat.
  • Preview the Contact Us Form Mailer script code
    • Note the VAR list
    • Note the Email Configuration
  • Preview the Senior Servant Application template
    • Note the <<Tags>> used in the template
  • Preview the autoCrat merge type settings
    • Note the documentation creation
    • Note the email notificationi
Demo the process in action...