Site Layout

Site Layout includes customizing elements which impact the entire site. These include the Header, Horizontal Navigation, Sidebar, Footer, Site Width, and even slight modifications to the Google System Footer (way at the bottom).

To edit the Site Layout, click the  button in the upper right corner and select Edit Site Layout. You may also press shift+l. This will show the following at the top of your site:

This bar has "buttons" that show or hide that specific site element. In the above image, the Header, Horizontal Navigation, and Custom Footer elements will all be  shown  on the site; the Sidebar element will be  hidden  on the site. This bar also allows you to set the site width.

As you review each section below, click the image to view a larger version.


Header options include its height, alignment, and logo.

(click image to enlarge)

Horizontal Navigation

Horizontal Navigation options include building the actual nav menu structure and the style you desire.

Site Width

Sidebar options allow you to set which side of your site the sidebar should appear and how much space it will take up.

In addition to the above, there are "gadgets" that may be displayed in the sidebar area. The 3 most commonly used ones are the Navigation, Text and Countdown gadgets.

Custom Footer

Custom Footer options are not really options. Rather, it simply opens up a "page like" editor that allows you to enter text, links, images, etc., to appear in the footer area of your site.

System Footer

System Footer options provide the ability to show or hide the set of system links at the bottom of all Google Sites.