Page Template 3 - List Page

List Page

When using the List page template, there is always an editable region above the actual "list" you create. This editable region is present all the time. Use the  button to make changes to this static portion of the page content.

As you begin your List page, you can choose from one of the 3 pre-configured lists or you can customize your own. Similarly, if you choose one of the pre-configured lists, you can always click Customize this list and make changes to it. There are a limited number of fields that can be used to define your list. These include:
  • Checkboxe
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Text
  • URL
Once your list is defined, you are ready to begin adding items to your list. To add an item to the list you are building, click the  button above the list. Complete each field that will define this list item and click OK.
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Google Sites Page TemplatesUsefulness
Google Sites Page TemplatesUsefulness
Announcements Page Good for posting assignments, homework, latest news, and of course, announcements. 
Web Page Good for just regular web content and display of gadgets. 
List Page Good for posting lists of similar resources. 
File Cabinet Page Good for posting handouts, presentations, policies, etc. These can be documents to download or links to follow. 
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