Using Gadgets

Gadgets are small bits of code in a tidy package that you can add to your Google Site to add functionality to a page or as a means of presenting specialized content. There are a bunch of gadgets included with Google Sites.

Some Common gadgets include an image (not really a gadget per se), Table of Contents, Subpage Listing and Horizontal Line.

Other gadgets include Recent Posts (handy when you want to display the more recent 2-3 posts from an announcements page), Text Box, and HTML Box.

Then there are a slew of Google Gadgets that you can use. These include gadgets for Calendars, Charts, Google+ Albums and Videos, Groups, Maps, and YouTube videos.

There are also a slew of Google Drive gadgets such as:

There are very nice to use if you want to display specific content on your site that already exists in your Google Drive.