Serving the +Positively Pinoy

posted Nov 12, 2013, 4:58 AM by Tony Book   [ updated Nov 12, 2013, 5:02 AM ]

Today, I had the privilege to serve those behind the ministry of the +Positively Pinoy. This online Christian radio broadcasting ministry seeks to share the love of Christ with Filipinos through online radio programming. Working with Mike, I was able to help them get their playlist displaying on their website by configuring their MySQL database and local firewall. God was good and answered my prayers for wisdom today.

What people are saying about BoFCM Staff

posted Nov 12, 2013, 4:55 AM by Tony Book   [ updated Nov 12, 2013, 5:02 AM ]

"Recently Tony spent 20+ hours revamping my website from its decade old look. Then he spent several hours training me on how to manage the site on my own. His approach to training is methodical and thorough. Now I am able to update the website in a matter of minutes... This has been a huge blessing and made our ministry look more professional..."
~ Sam, Director of ACT

"A few months ago my computer crashed, and being new to the Philippines, new to teaching, and far away from my family, it felt like a huge deal... He saved all my pictures on to his computer because he was concerned that I would lose them.  Tony goes above and beyond to help people..."

~ Kelsie, Grade 2 Teacher, Faith Academy

"If you have an IT problem, Tony will find a way to solve it and will do it with a smile. Tony will also be patient enough to walk you through all the steps of solving that problem..."

~ Sam, Council Member, Union Church of Manila

"Tony has been our "go to" guy for all our IT questions. He has a gift for answering our questions in an understandable way and he is great at trouble-shooting any problems we are having. I (Rosanne) have really appreciated Tony's help with educational tools that I want to use with my students such as Google Drive, Moodle, and a Google App - Read and Write. Tony also helped us set up a Mail Chimp account for our email correspondence with our supporters..."
~ Jerry and Rosanne, Teachers, Faith Academy

"In our fast-paced, technology-dependent world, I am thankful for the special gifting God has given Tony Book. Tony has a talent with technology that has been honed through intentional practice and use. This gift is a tremendous asset in advancing the Kingdom as ministry effectiveness is increasingly enhanced by computer and digital communication..."

"He doesn't do things half way, if he commits himself, he is all in. I have been so grateful for all that Tony has done for the school and for the ways he continues to invest in God's kingdom through serving the Tech needs of Faith Academy..."
~ Tom, Superintendent, Faith Academy

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