The Beginnings of BoFCM

The vision for Bytes of Faith Consulting Ministry began back in 2000 and started off as somewhat of a running joke. Founder Tony Book would often share with his wife, "When I win the lottery that I don't play, I'm gonna build computers and give them to God's workers at no cost." His belief was that if he won the lottery it would be because God had dropped a winning ticket in his lap. Today, some thirteen years later, Mr. Book's vision is coming true. No, he has not won the lottery nor has he inherited untold wealth. Rather, God has opened the door for this new ministry to be started. Presently serving as Technology Coach and Google Apps Administrator at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines, Mr. Book has sensed God's leading to expand his field of ministry beyond the fences at Faith. He has witnessed the growth of technology over the past twenty years and believes that it has become a valuable tool for God. The Internet has made communications around the globe next to instant and has allowed those serving even in remote areas of world to do their ministries more efficiently and with greater expediency. But those serving in Southeast Asia also face many challenges of using technology well. Devices break down and trustworthy, reliable support can be hard to find. Mr. Book sees a great need for technology consulting, training, and support and believes God will bless his ministry as he seeks to support those serving in Southeast Asia.